Wales Comic Con – Geeks and Nerds set phasers to con

Glyndwr University saw the campus packed on Sunday, 29th November as Wales Comic Con 2015 – Part 2 came back to Wrexham for the second time this year.

Wales Comic Con is a bi-annual event occurring every April and November with fans coming to the cons dressed up and ready for fun. The comic con usually includes an array of different things on offer such as a stars from TV shows, Films and games, comic book artists, exhibitions and the gaming tent – Powered by Razer and the gaming bus, among other things.

This year saw the event arrive in the midst of an extremely bad turn of weather. However, the fans weren’t put off by this. The queues for those who already had tickets was extremely long, with people queueing up from about 8am, despite the earlybird doors opening at 10am and the general entry at 11am.

Many people came dressed in costume, the most notable being the guy in the Princess Peach full outfit. The fan inside the costume was Daniel Sides and he was donning the costume to raise money for charity, all funds going towards the Children’s Ward at the hospital. (not for the first time this year).

The Gaming tent held different merchandise stalls, along with a cake stall. The majority of the tent was used for people to go up and play on various different games and consoles, from Guitar Hero, to Donkey Kong Jungle beat, a Nintendo 64 to a SEGA Megadrive.

The top part of the gaming tent was for those players who wanted to enter the online multiplayer PC tournaments – sponsored by Razer gaming systems. The tent itself held against the wind and the rain, despite the doubts that it might fall over.

The John Troth Lecture theatre held the Chester Comic Company with their merchandise stall. There was also the biggest attraction for the comic convention – Chris Jericho, otherwise known as the wrestler Y2J. Jericho had extremely long lines waiting to see him, heading out of the door and along the side of the building, quite far back.

The Catrin Finch Centre housed the Photo ops, where people who had pre-ordered their photo op with their chosen star or stars, could go and have their photo professionally taken and printed.

As can be seen from the above images, the Owl Sanctuary was back and could be found yet again in the Guild Car park. This time the owls were a little unsettled due to the horrendous weather.

One of the owls kept trying to escape it’s tether so that it could fly to the perch of one of the other owls.

Inside the main event hall – The Sports hall – It was extremely busy after the Earlybird ticket holders and the general entry lines were let into the comic con. VIPs were let in at the same time as the press.

On the first pass through the main hall, it was obvious that the weather and traffic had forced a few of the guests to be late arriving. Despite this, it didn’t stop some of them from having fun once they arrived. As we saw evidence of this during Colin Baker’s arrival.

Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy having a mock sword fight with their canes.

The end of the con saw a costume masquerade in the William Aston Hall, which was the first time it had occurred at this comic con. A premier showing of a film starring Gareth David Lloyd, (known for portraying Ianto on the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood), was aired in Lecture theatre A in the Edward Llwyd building. (library building)

Finally to end the day was the Wales Comic Con after show party, an event which has gained in reputation with various different musicians and comedians playing in the Centenary Club, although it was previously held in Central Station which was slightly further away from the campus.
This year the band Four Star Mary played. They’re an alternative rock band from America and are well known for their song ‘Pain’ which was used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – they also played the part of the live band ‘Dingoes ate my baby,’ in the show.

Overall the day was a good day, with many fans attending in spite of the weather. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and some of the guests even tweeted back to the official Wales Comic Con twitter.

Comic Con tweets.png
Tweets from guests, retweeted by Wales Comic Con

For more information about the comic con please visit the official websites, Twitter or Facebook;

Wales Comic Con website

Wales Comic Con Twitter

Wales Comic Con Facebook

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