Russell Howard

Russell Howard was yet again a hit at the William Aston Hall!

Whilst it’s not something you’d want to watch with your parents or young siblings/children next to you, it’s enjoyable for all watching, anyway.

One thing to note when going to a Russell Howard show in Wales is that he really can’t do a Welsh accent – especially a Northern Welsh accent. He just sounds like a bad imitation of Rhod Gilbert.

The show was filled with anecdotes about his family and friends, mostly focusing on his road trip across America with his mum. Howard fondly recalled teaching his 3-year-old nephew how to use pick-up lines, and how his nephew used them whilst out at the park with his mum (Howard’s sister), Howard, and Howard’s brother. I think it’s safe to say that his sister was not best pleased with Howard and his brother.

Howard states that shows in the UK are a lot more fun than shows in the US due to the different sense of humour that each audience has.

The Bristolian admitted that the Texas shows were crazy and a little terrifying for him to perform, as the Americans are very loud and outspoken about what they believe in, especially in the Deep South where they’re strongly against gay marriage. They “already didn’t like [him] because [he] looks like Ellen”, which is referring to the comparison between him and the popular gay American talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

In one show, a Texan man shouted out “Gay marriage will lead to a lesbian Queen”. Whilst recalling this anecdote, Howard seemed to enjoy acting out what it would be like if Queen Elizabeth was a lesbian and had left Prince Phillip for a young Latino lady.

Howard’s humour features a lot of jokes about the Royal Family, but also brings up his political standpoints which are completely against the Right Wing conservatives, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. Political jokes being very appropriate in the current political climate.

Howard recalled how the last time he came to Wrexham, there had recently been news of fights in the 99p store because everything was selling for 50p. That certainly brought some interesting local news to a bigger light.

The sellout show left everyone practically in stitches – just like the last time Howard came to the William Aston Hall in 2014. Everyone left the show in high spirits.

Howard used the show to prepare for his Around the World tour. He’s definitely ready to go around the world.

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